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Youth Sailors Battled Hard

On October 14-16, one year after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, ASAF Sailing Cup JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2022 was held at the same venue as the Olympics. The regatta was blessed with fine autumn weather, and 110 youth sailors engage in a heated battle in the 420 class and OP class.

The regatta was held over two days in conditions with northerly winds. In both the 420 and OP classes, it was a hotly contested event with the leaders tied at the end of the 5th race.

On the first day of the 420 class, the girls’ team, Fuka Sugiura and Aoi Mizutani, who belong to the Gifu Yacht Federation, won 1st place in 3 out of 4 races and took the lead. The boys’ team, Kosuke Ikeda and Kaito Suzuki from Kasumigaura Sailing Team finished 1st in the 5th race and tied for the lead. The final race of the 420 started as the wind gradually weakened. After passing the windward mark in 4th place for the boys’ team and 10th for the girls’ team, there was no major movement until the middle stage of the race, but in the final leg, Ikeda and Suzuki increased their speed with smooth maneuvers and jumped to the top. Sugiura and Mizutani were unable to overtake and placed 3rd. The winner of the 420 class went to Ikeda and Suzuki.

At the end of the 5th race of the OP class, the top two sailors, Misaki Tunomori of the Kaiyo Kaiyo Yacht Club and Shogo Iwanami of the Enoshima Yacht Club Junior, had the same point, and the top four were within the winning range. In the final race of the OP, Iwanami and Tusnomori raced slightly behind the leading group until the final leg. In the final upwind leg, Iwanami took the wind shift and finished in 2nd. Tunomori finished in 7th place. Iwanami won the OP class by 2 points.

Every year, the winning team with the lowest score in all classes will receive a bicycle as a prize. This year, 420's Ikeda and Suzuki got it.

Next year's ASAF Sailing Cup JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week, which will be one year until the Paris 2024 Olympics, will attract not only youth sailors but also top sailors aiming for the Olympics.


2022年10月14〜16日、神奈川県藤沢市の江の島ヨットハーバーを拠点に「ASAF Sailing Cup JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2022」が開催されました。東京2020オリンピック競技大会から1年。今大会は将来オリンピックを目指すユースセーラーが100人以上集まるフレッシュな大会となりました。


レース初日に4レースを消化。最終日の2日目、第5レースが終了時点で、420級、OP級ともにトップ2が同点で並ぶ激アツの展開となり、最終レースへの期待が高まります。徐々に風が落ちる予報の中、まず420級の第6レースがスタートしました。初日、4レース中3レースでトップをとった岐阜県セーリング連盟の杉浦 ふう華/水谷 葵 組と、第5レースで1位となり追い上げた霞ヶ浦セーリングチームの池田 航介/鈴木 海翔 組はレース中盤まで上位陣を追う展開となりましたが、最後のダウンウインドで 池田/鈴木 組がスムースなボートハンドリングで先行艇を抜き、トップフィニッシュ。杉浦/水谷 組は5位フィニッシュで、池田/鈴木 組が逆転優勝となりました。

OP級は海陽海洋ヨットクラブの角森 未岬 選手と江の島ヨットクラブジュニアの岩波 将吾 選手が同点で最終レースを迎えます。この時点で4位までは優勝が狙える僅差の接 戦。手に汗握る最終レースは、最後のアップウインドレグで風のシフトを掴み2位でフィニッシュした岩波 選手に軍配が上がりました。優勝は岩波 選手、2位は角森 選手、3位は江の島ヨットクラブジュニアの兒島 選手でした。



420 Winner Ikeda(right)/Suzuki

420 Runner Up Sugiura(right)/Mizutani

From Left

3rd Hayakawa/Sakamaki, 1st Ikeda/Suzuki, 2nd Sugiura/Mizutani


from left) 3rd Koretaka Kojima, 1st Shogo Iwanami, 2nd Tsunomori


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