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Information on a Children Nursing Room

Information01 from OA:Children Nursing Room (CHILD ROOM)
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↓チャイルドルーム申込みは Child room application↓


Place:  At the venue of Enoshima Yacht Harbor,

        Fujisawa City,  Kanagawa Prefecture


Dates:  From May 23(Thu)  till  May 26(Sun),  2024


Time of use:  From  9 A.M.  till  4 P.M.


Eligible persons:  Children under approximately 6 years old whose parents are participating athletes or stakeholders or spectators of the regatta.


The parents can breastfeed or give milk, baby foods to their children and change diapers and clothes at the CHILD ROOM.


Nursing services will be provided by several staffs, including a licensed nurse during the resting of babies and infants.


Organizer:   Japan Sailing Federation, Women’s Committee

Cooperator:  Kanagawa Sailing Federation, Executive Committee for the Enoshima Olympic Week




Establishing of a Child Nursing Room (CHILD ROOM) which is exclusive for the Enoshima Olympic Week


To support the participating athletes, stakeholders and spectators who bring their babies and infants to the regatta, the Japan Sailing Federation Women’s Committee has organized CHILD ROOM with free of charge at many sailing competitions .


However this time, at the Enoshima Olympic Week Japan Sailing Federation Women’s Committee, with the collaboration of Kanagawa Prefecture Sailing Federation, will open a CHILD ROOM at Enoshima Yacht Harbor as a temporary facility.


The first time when Japan Sailing Federation established a CHILD ROOM was in 2002  at  special Yacht Harbor during  the National Athletic Meeting of Kochi  Prefecture and

since then the activities of the CHILD ROOM attracted the

attention of various sports organizations.


At the CHILD ROOM, baby beds, picture books, toys etc. will be prepared and several staff including a licensed nurse will be on duty.


Babies and infants up to approximately 6 years are eligible to use the CHILD ROOM and it can be used from 9 A.M. till 4 P.M. during the days sailing races are held.


The CHILD ROOM can be used not only by the participating athletes and stakeholders of the regatta but also by spectators. Meaning that if observation boats are available, spectators can leave their baby and/or infant at the CHILD ROOM while watching the races from the boat.  




場  所:神奈川県藤沢市 江の島ヨットハーバー メモリアルルーム

実 施 日:令和6年5月23日(水)~5月26日(日)

利用期間:09:00~16:00   ※26日(日) 09:00~15:00







申込方法: 令和6年5月16日(木)までに、日本セーリング連盟レディース委員会宛てに次のURL:から、お申込みください。

問合せ先: 日本セーリング連盟レディース委員会 (委員長:長田美香子)

TEL: 090-8047-1468 /E-mail :


協力:公益財団法人 日本セーリング連盟 レディース委員会




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