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25 June 2023 Day3

- Race started on time on the final day

- South wind 6 knots, gradually increasing to 8 knots

- Three races completed in all classes

For the first time in this event, races started on time in a light and steady southern breeze. Three races were completed in each of the nine classes on five different areas, making for a series of light winds throughout the three days.

In 470, Keiju Okada and Miho Yoshioka sailed tenaciously to win the final race. Gaio Koizumi and Shunta Ikeda were not able to overtake Okada/Yoshioka and finished second overall. Ai Yoshida and Yugo Yoshida made an inspired start in race 5 and finished first, taking third place overall.

“It turned out to be a bigger competition than we expected, with difficult conditions in light winds and up against fast boats, but we were relieved to win and it was great practice," said Okada.

"It was a close race and I was nervous, but I am happy to have won. I am supposed to be good at light winds, but I struggled against university students and it was tough,” said Yoshioka.

They will continue training with the aim of winning the Olympians selection and winning a gold medal at the Paris Olympics. This year, the team will compete in the Pre-Olympics, World Championships and Asian Games.

Their coach, Seki, said, “Compared to the last time we competed in domestic competitions, the light wind speed of the university student team had increased. It's been a long time since I saw Okada and Yoshioka's team not win in light winds."

In 49er, Kyung-Duk Kim/ Sang-Woo Bae (Korea) and Shingen Furuya/ Akira Takayanagi had a close race, but the Furuya team was disqualified at the start of race 6 and Kyung-Duk Kim took the win.

In 49er FX, Misaki Tanaka/ Sera Nagamatsu were consistent and racked up a series of top finishes. Nalisara Satta/ Nishapa Waiwai (Thailand) did well to finish second three times today, but could not reach the overall second place pair of Aio Ichihashi and Rinko Goto.

In 49er and 49er FX, there are only few Japanese competitors and very difficult to prepare boats for the entries from overseas. Thanks to the 49er Association members who worked hard to collect boats and support the event, the sailors were able to race and grateful for their support.

In ILCA 7, local sailor Ao Higuchi from Kanagawa won the race with three consecutive top finishes. Lee Won-Jeong (KOR), who has been working hard, finished second three times.

In ILCA 6, Noor Shazrin Mohammad Latif (Malaysia) was a winner, pulling out three races in a row. In second place was local Enoshima high school student Haruka Hattori.

In snipe, Katsuya Takagi and Momoka Watanabe won the first. Veterans fought hard in the three races today, turning the tables on the university student sailors.

Youth Class 29er, 420 and Junior Class OP competitors were overwhelmed by the scale of this competition, which was held in classes for all ages and genders, with Olympic sailors participating and many participants from overseas, and enjoyed the fun of sailing to the fullest.

In this multi-area international competition, the management members who were active in the Tokyo Olympics gathered from all over Japan and showed excellent race management in the difficult conditions of light winds. We would like to thank all the management members who took advantage of the high level of management skills cultivated in the Tokyo Olympics, such as checking the wind early to confirm the beginning of the wind, setting marks at 80m depth, and especially those who seized the one chance on the first and second days to conduct the races.

See you next year!

― 最終日、定刻どおりにレース開始

― 6ノットの南風、次第に強くなり後半8ノット程度

― 全クラスで3レース完了

最終日、弱いながらも安定した南風の中、今大会で初めて、定刻通りにレースが始まりました。   9クラス5海面でそれぞれ3レースずつ実施でき、3日間通して、微軽風のシリーズとなりました。






49er FXは、田中美紗樹・永松瀬羅組が安定した走りで、トップフィニッシュを重ねました。ナリサラ・サッタ/ニシャパ・ワイワイ組(タイ)が、今日2位3回とがんばりましたが、総合2位の市橋愛生・後藤凛子組には届かず、総合3位で終わりました。

49erと49er FXは、活動する日本選手が少なく、海外勢へのチャーター艇の準備が大変でした。艇の確保に奔走してくださった49er協会メンバー、艇を貸してくださった皆さんのおかげで、国際試合にふさわしいレースとなりました。







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