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24 June 2023 Day2

- No wind, staying ashore until 11am

- 9 classes in 5 racing areas from today

- 4 races for 49er, 49er FX and 29er

- 3 races for 470, 420 and Snipe

- 2 races for OP, ILCA 7 & 6

- Under overcast skies, southern winds less than 8 knots weakening again

From today, four open classes with no distinction between men and women have been added, Snipe class (mainly college students and business people), OP class (under 15 years), 420 class (mainly high school students) and 29er class (young generation). Sailing is a lifelong sport, and all ages and genders can enjoy racing. 29er sailors, competing in the Enoshima Olympic Week for the first time, were surprised at how big the event is.

The wind was light again today, and the sailors had to wait ashore in the morning until around 11am. D flags for each area were raised and the boats went offshore. 470 and 420 sailors had relatively stable wind, but it was very weak to make the races difficult. Keiju Okada and Miho Yoshioka led the races against lighter competitors after four races. “I think the key today was to avoid going where there was no wind. It was important to go for the next puff. My junior colleague Ishikawa took the lead in R4. They were able to keep their speed because of the lightness of the crew, and when they got in front, they made the most of their lead advantage to stay ahead.” Said Okada.

49er, 49er FX and 29er on the close ashore area, had four races, with the 49er team of Kim Kyungduk and Bae Sangwoo from Busan, South Korea, coming out on top. 6 boats took part in the 49er race, from Japan, South Korea (3 boats) and Thailand Sangwoo said, “We are training in Busan and have had a lot of practice in light winds like today. I have been to Japan before Tokyo Olympic. I like Enoshima very much.”

In 49er FX class, Misaki Tanaka and Sera Nagamatsu took the lead in three races, and Manase Ichihashi and Rinko Goto took the first place in one race. “I asked the race management for starting 49er and 49er FX together, because we can practice better than starting them separately,” said Nagamatsu.

ILCA 7 and ILCA 6 sailed two races, and the third race started at 16:00. The race was abandoned halfway because of the weakened wind condition. The top three places are all women sailors. A veteran sailor, and the Japan ILCA association president Kato is in fifth place. He said: "I was close to finishing first, but Mai Kakimoto overtook me at the last minute. In light winds, I can go faster in different ways,” said Kato.

In Snipe class, 73 boats entered, Katsuya Takagi and Momoka Watanabe took the lead for the third consecutive 1sts. Takagi said, 'In light wind condition, we can sail fast. Our crew, Watanabe, is light and her movements are delicate not to stop the boat speed. Snipe is a class in which you can race after you graduate from university and start working. In this event we can enjoy the race with the Olympic class and OP, and I hope everyone can feel the joy of Snipe sailing."

OP class also completed 2 races, and abandoned halfway through the third race when the wind weakened. With the participation of the OP class, the harbor is very busy with supporting families joining in. The racing was heated by weak wind conditions.

Welcome party was held today in the evening with a Japanese drum performance. This weekend, Kanagawa Sailing Festival 2023 is scheduled on the promenade of the Enoshima Yacht Harbor, with race commentary and talk shows on the big screen stage. Kenji Nakamura and Yukio Makino were among the guests.

Tomorrow is the last day, and the warning signal will be at 10.30am, four races for 49er, 49er FX and 29er, two races for the lest.

― 今日から9クラス、5海面での開催

― 11時ごろまで風が弱く陸上待機、その後南の微軽風が入りレース開始

― 曇天下、全海面ともに8ノットに届きそうで、また弱まる南風

― 49er、49er FX、29erは4レース、470、420、スナイプは3レース実施

― OP、ILCA7&6は2レース実施



49er、49er FX、29erは4レースを実施、49erではキム・キョンドク/べー・サンウー組(韓国)が首位に上がりました。49erは6艇ですが、日本、韓国、タイと国際色が強く、特に韓国から3艇が参加しています。「私達は釜山で練習していますが、弱い風で数多く練習してきました。今日は艇速を保つことに注意し、うまく走ることができました。東京五輪前にも来たことがある江の島が大好きです。(サンウー選手)

艇数の多いスタートにしたいとの選手からの要望を取り入れ、49er FXは49erと同時スタートで、レースは実施されました。49er FXでは田中美紗樹・永松瀬羅組が4レース中3レースでトップ、1レースは市橋愛生・後藤凛子組にトップを譲りました。





明日は最終日、49er、49er FX、29erは4レース、その他のクラスは3レースの予定です。


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