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23 May 2024 Day0

The Enoshima Olympic Week 2024 is open and will be held in 9 categories in total: five Olympic-class dinghy classes (470, 49er, FX, ILCA7, and ILCA6), two youth classes (420 and 29er), one junior class (OP), and Snipe class.


Today, registration and the opening ceremony were held. The competition is SDGs-friendly, with large trash bins to encourage sorting, water servers to reduce the number of plastic bottles, a child room set up, and sanitary napkins distributed to female sailors by JSAF Ladies Committee in consideration of the SDGs. Preparations were also made for the course setting utilizing robot Marks.


This year's big fleet consisted of 321 boats and 524 competitors from Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, far exceeding last year's results. 470, ILCA7, ILCA6, 49er, and FX will race for three days starting Friday 24th, and 420, 29er, OP, and Snipe for two days starting Saturday 25th, using six areas.





今大会には、日本、インドネシア、韓国、タイ、台湾、香港から、昨年を大幅に上回る321艇、524名の選手が参加するビックフリートとなりました。6海面を使って、470、ILCA7、 ILCA6、49er、 FXは24日(金)からの3日間、420、29er、OP、スナイプは25日(土)から2日間のレースが予定されています。


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