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23 June 2023 Day1

- No wind in the morning, so stay ashore.

- After 14:00, one race has done for 470, 49er and 49erFX.

- ILCA7 and ILCA6 could not race due to insufficient wind in the area.

Under cloudy skies, all classes went out to sea before 14:00, and one race has done for 470, 49er, and 49erFX in light winds.

In the 470 class, racing was held in light winds blowing from the south and strong tides flowing from the west, Keiju Okada and Miho Yoshioka finished in first place, leading from the start.

Okada said “Because the lighter weight, college student boats felt like they were floating, we focused on speed to keep up with them.”

Yoshioka said “Aggressive boat handling and sensitive spinnaker work are important in light winds.”

In the 49er class, the change of wind speeds and the tide affects the race to become a close race, Shingen Furuya and Akira Takayanagi finished in first place. In the 49erFX class, Misaki Tanaka and Sera Nagamatsu kept their lead and finished in first place.

Unfortunately, ILCA7 and ILCA6 could not race due to insufficient wind in the area.

Two athletes from Malaysia are participating in ILCA 6. Nur Shazrin Mohamad Latif is a representative of the Tokyo Olympics and has been to Enoshima many times. This time, she heard that the ILCA Kanto Championships were held the week before and she was disappointed that couldn’t have attended that event. While waiting for the wind, she take her sister to the memorable site of the Tokyo Olympics by walking along the breakwater.

Tomorrow, June 24, 29er, snipe, OP, and 420 classes will be added, for a total of nine classes racing in five areas.

― 午前中は無風のため、陸上待機

― 14時過ぎに470、49er、49erFXがそれぞれ1レースを実施

― ILCA7とILCA6はエリアに風が入らず、レースは実施できず










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