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Slow start of the first day

Race began 470, 49er, FX, RS:X and Finn

The first race day of JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2018 started with no wind. Everyone was waiting for the wind to blow at shore. Around 11 o'clock each class except Nacra 17 went out race courses. But Laser, Radial and 420 didn’t finish even a race. Nacra 17 didn’t start neither. It's a bit disappointing as race day one

Big swell and shifty wind made difficult races today. Competitors struggled however 49er’s Shingen Furuya and Shinji Hachiyama done good job. They finish second for the day. 470 men’s Tetsuya Isozaki and Akira Takayanagi is second position then Keiju Okada and Junpei Hokazono is third. 470 class start without distinction between men and women in Enoshima Olympic Week. Ai Yoshida and Miho Yoshioka is first place for female, eighth allover.

The result will be confirmed, if the competition is held for more than one race in each class. The competition will continue until on Monday 24th.

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