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October 29 Day 3 – Final day

3 days regatta seems to be a short one. It was raining cats and dogs by Typhoon No. 22. The forecast said that the worst moment would be 19:00-22:00 with 35kt of wind, gusting 50-60. RC tried to fit into two races each, however, skiffs and RSX M&W managed to finish two, and 470W and Lasers finished one. 470M, 420, Radial did start the race, but could not finish. So, those classes remained the same results from yesterday.

49er, FX, and RSX M&W had two races each on the Area B. Peters/Sterritt (GBR) finished two 1st today to finish 2nd overall as Fletcher/Bithell (GBR) has already enough lead to win. Maloney/Meech (NZL) also finished two 1st, and 1st overall, showing their strength as World Champs and Olympic Silver medalists. RC indicated that the distance in the Area B was limited, so two laps for the skiff class was around 20 minutes. No one bothered as the rain was heavy and less visibility.

RSX M showed the last shuffle so that Gao (CHN) managed to move 1st overall. 2 points behind Gao was Lee (KOR), and another 2 points behind was Tomizawa (JPN) who moved his 4th place to the podium. De Geus (NED) did not enjoy the condition today, however, she managed to stay ahead of Shi (CHN) and Iseda (JPN) to win. RSX had wait until 49er/FX finish their races. It was not easy feel when D flag was up at 11:25 to indicate everyone go to the race area. Anyway, the wind was good despite the rain.

Laser Radials had hard time while Finn and Lasers managed to finish 1 race today. For Finn, 8 entries became 7 when Salminen (SWE) decided to stop sailing from Day 2. Whatever the numbers, Scott (GBR), Lilley (AUS), and Heiner (NED) enjoyed the taste of Enoshima offshore wind as they were racing while Lasers were repeating general recalls.

Lasers started OK and had one race complete. Saunders (NZL) was happy to finish 1st overall among this strong Laser fleet. Wearn (AUS) and Chiavarini (GBR) were in Enoshima during summer time to train with Burton (AUS), Meech (NZL), and Thompson (GBR). The Champions are now mixed up with the young rising sailors. There are 6 Asian countries, and Ha (KOR) was the 1st Asian sailor with 17th overall place. Laser Radials remain the same results from Day 2. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR) made big effort to come to Enoshima, and she was happy to know that the offshore wind condition was similar to her home water, however, she struggled with big swell by typoon was against the wind. She would like to come back in summer with sea breeze and the waves. Manami Doi missed the podium by 2 points.

470 Men and 420 did start racing, however, these races were abandoned and eventually no races completed.

470 Women managed 1 race, and Ai Kondo Yoshida/Miho Yoshioka (JPN) won this race to finish 3rd overall, now her son on the podium together. Ai sailed in Sagami Bay since her Optimist time, and Tokyo 2020 at Enoshima is something very special to her. Like Rio 2016, Zegers/Van Veen (NED) finished ahead of Ai, and Di Salle/Alessandra (ITA) won the title and the 470 lanching dolly from Factory Zero. It is easy to take it home as they have their own boat in Japan since the 470 Junior World in August.

EOW is the last big event this year at Enoshima, and we thank 38 countries who made big effort to come to Enoshima. Looking at 26 shipping containers, and soon this will become double size. Typoon No. 21 welcomed you all by drifting some containers, and Typoon No.22 said goodby with heavy rain and wind. Thank you for coming and we all looking forward to meeting in 2018. Tokyo 2020 is 999 days away,

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