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October 28, Day 2 – 1,000 Day to GO

It is 1,000 days from today to the Opening for the Tokyo 2020. Good celebration!

Despite the rain, It was a good day with the wind around 15kt from 0-20 degrees. Outside at Area A is more right from 30 degrees, and gusting 20kt. 49er and FX had 4 races, and the rest had 3 races.

Dylan and Stu sailed well to finish with all 1st places today. 49er course is around 20 minutes, they are good at start, and good speed and boat balance around the course. James and Fynn are right behind the leader.

FX is led by Alex and Molly (NZL) and Victoria and Anika (GER), equal point. The boat handling is the key. RC run the races very quickly, and there was not much time between races. End of the day, it was the matter of stamina, as well. Good work, ladies!

RSX Men and Women went out after 12;50, and had 3 races, and sailed in the same area as 49er/FX. The rain get heavier, and Lee (KOR), Gao (CHN), Makoto (JPN) kept tight competition under 15kt condition. Women’s fleet, Lilian (NED) had 3 1sts. She flew to Tokyo specially to this event – as many races as possible at Enoshima. Megumi Iseda (JPN) managed to stay ahead of CHN windsurfers.

Smallest fleet of FINNs sailed ahead of the biggest fleet of Lasers. Max Salminen (SWE) has to go home, so it is only 7 Finns. Giles (GBR) enjoyed with 3 1sts. Wind is not consistent around this race area, and one side is 12kt, and the other part is only 6kt. R4 was no Oscar, but everyone was pumping as Jury was not around Finns. From R5, Oscar was positive, so it was Ok to do under the rule.

Lasers and Radials are the most competitive classes, and the finish was very tight and close. Lorenzo (GBR) enjoyed rain and shifty, flat water. Probably younger boys do not care rain very much. Mat (AUS) follows the way, and the World Champions and medalists probably do not like this weather. The sunshine and hot summer has already gone, and it is very different from what they experienced in July ad August.

Radial fleet was also tight at the front group. Erika Reineke (USA) and Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR) sailed well to lead the 53 boat fleet. Although this north wind is opposite direction to the summer seabreeze, it is still important to understand the shore breeze, just in case, Typhoon passes south side of Enoshima. Manami Doi (JPN) is now lying 4th overall, so Go MANAMI.

470 Men and Women had 3 races each, and Women started first today. 420 joined the same area and followed them. Benedetta and Alessandra (ITA) managed to stay ahead of NED and JPN Rio reps, especially showing good speed in the stronger wind towards the end of the day. Ai Yoshida is feeling little tired after the rain, cold, and good trimming condition, however, she is catching up.

470 Men shuffled the positions. Luke and Chris (GBR) had two wins and a 3rd and now in a lead. Daichi Takayama (JPN) is now sailing with Kimi Imamura who was the Rio rep crew, likes heavy wind. He was 3rd at the Junior World last September.

Typhoon No. 22 is changing its course towards Enoshima, and we expect heavy rain tomorrow. Why always rain? Two more races to finish the EOW 2017, and 1,000 Days to TOKYO 2020.

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