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October 27, Day 1

After the Typhoon No 21 hit Enoshima last Sunday/Monday, everyone at Enoshima worked hard to recover the facilities, and EOW started today with 250 entries from 38 countries. As EOW is the ASAF Sailing Cup, it includes 8 countries are from the Asian region. As Finn was not sailed at the SWC Gamagori, EOW committee decided to include 8 x Finns who has sent their boats to Japan.

Lasers and Laser Radials, we have seen many World Champions and Olympic Champions. Lasers are the biggest entry with 55 boats. Laser Radial is slightly different as there are some youth boys who enjoyed sailing against top Women’s sailors. It was light easterly wind, and the condition is no longer summer. However, it is still important to learn the 2020 venue. It is also nice to see Manami Doi (JPN) coming back from the absence at Gamagori. She is 3rd after 3 races behind Erika Reineke (USA) who is her rival from the Youth Worlds.

470Men and Women are normally strong fleet in Japan, however, the University League National Championship is going to be held soon, so the entry is not as large as expected. Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi (JPN) sailed consistently with 2-4-1 under the difficult condition. 470s were outside area, and the current was fast with light wind. With 28 boats, 8 countries share the top 10 places. 470 Women is much smaller fleet of 16 entries. Benedetta and Alessandra (ITA) who enjoyed the 470 Junior Worlds last August is back again, and leading. Afrodite and Anneloes (NED) is also back after the 470 Nationals and some training days at Enoshima. Ai Kondo Yoshida is now back with her baby son. She and Miho Yoshioka, her crew, start the new era towards Tokyo 2020.

There are 8 entries to Finn. EOW decided to include Finn when the SWC had to cancel the FINN as there was not enough entries. Finn shared the area with 470s today. Small group, but very high standard of racing.

RSX is sharing the area with 49er/FX, and today RSX started first. After the Worlds last September, the fleet is small with mainly Asian sailors. China shows their strength again, but this time, some JPN and KOR sailors are challenging. Women’s fleet is led by two JPN sailors. The wind was one stage nearly 10kt, but it did not stay long enough.

49er is good size with 18 boats. Only 2 races were sailed. Light wind with flat water was good for the skiff. Their area is further out than the medal race area towards Hayama. 49er Fleet seems to be good fun with Lange brothers and GBR teams, and many more. Last year, Dylan and Stu sailed first time together after RIO, and since, they have won the World title, and more regattas. FX is 12 boat fleet, and 2 races were sailed under 7kt condition around the same course 7min behind 49ers. Both fleets are small, so it seemed to be OK today. Tanja Frank and Lorena Abicht (AUT) sailed very consistent with 1-2.

Typhoon No. 22 is now approaching to Japan, and come close next Monday. It should be OK at Enoshima this time, however, everyone is little worried – Not again. Racing on Oct 28 starts at 10:25. 49er/FX starts first. 420 is going to join and share the area with 470s. Finn is sharing with Lasers.

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